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Hokkaido Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Hokkaido Wedding and Engagement Photographer!

Hokkaido Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Hokkaido may surprise you with its blend of tradition and the new, and of abundant nature and food culture, we can surprise you with out mood and style! At least we try!
We are two Italian wedding photographers and we will surprise you with our mood and photographic style. We love to work & walk around Sapporo, Takashima Cape or the Shiretoko National Park and all over the wonderful Japan “Sol Levante” as we love to say in italian. Come  and enjoy meeting us for your big and unique wedding day.

Working as a wedding photographer in Hokkaido is the biggest reward a wandering photographers as us could ever have, because you, the human being, your culture, your mood is the biggest inspiration to us!

LATEST UPDATE: I’ll be back in Japan starting from April 1rst, 2020 So take advantage for couple/prewedding session! Let’s get in touch!

Hokkaido Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Italian Wedding Photographers in Japan

hokkaido wedding and elopement photographer

We are Andrea and Francesco.

Hi there, my name is Francesco, but you can call me Fra, as everybody does. Andrea, my friends and colleague, and I, we are professional wedding photographers, specialized in creative reportage photography and portraits all over Japan and Italy! I have been photographing weddings around Italy and abroad for many years and each time is a pleasure because people, YOU, are always such a big inspiration to me!.
Mainly I work around Abruzzo, Umbria, Tuscany, Venice and recently in Japan. We are based in Kobe, but Obviously, we are ready to follow your wedding story in Hokkaido prefecture or wherever it takes place!

Andrea is based in Kobe
Francesco is somewhere between Tuscany, Venice, Patagonia and..and we are ready and backpacked to reach you throughout the whole of country.

Give a look at our wedding gallery and let’s get in touch!