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Hi friend, here I am.
I am a wedding and portrait photographer and below you can watch my works.
Take a look and tell me what do you think about 🙂



Below you are not going to read about photographic gears, about the last camera from the market, or any kind of techniques. The following lines are about what wedding photography feels like!  Wedding photography is about emotions, about lifelong smiles, about knowing looks, about curiosity, about empathy, about lights and shadows.
Wedding photography is about to make you feel ease during your wedding shooting, to let you be you.
I am a wedding photographer in Italy, not the kind who like poses, but more a storyteller. I am specialized in wedding reportage, if you believe I am the right photographer for you, if my style can be the one you are looking for, so, let me tell your wedding story in the most sincere and touching way possible.



I’m an Italian wedding photographer, based in Pescara, in Abruzzo, central Italy, but, as destination wedding photographer in Italy, I’m available wherever you like.
Most of the weddings I shoot are with Italian couples, but I had the pleasure to work for guys from Netherlands, Norway, England, Switzerland and in the near future from Sweden and Denmark.
Wedding Photography, but also event and commercial photography, gave me the chance to travel up and down through Italy, from the northern city of Bozen, near the Austrian border to the incredible town of Santa Maria di Leuca, de Finibus Terrae, the tip of the heel of the Italian boot, in Apulia. In this journey, north-south-north, I can not avoid mentioning the wonderful world famous hills of Tuscany, Val D’Orcia, Chianti, Cortona, the White Town, Ostuni in Apulia / Puglia , Alberobello and the Aeolian Island, where, thanks to the kindness and friendship with the Gelso Vacanze resort, I have a space to receive and talk with couples!
I could keep listing other incredible places, you know, Italy is the country with the biggest number of properties in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST, so..definitely, Italy is a nice place to get married! Dreaming places for a dreaming wedding.
After your wedding, you will never want to leave!
Being a wedding photographer in Italy also mean you have to be up to date with all the beauties that your country can offer, natural, artistic and historical! Half photographer half tourist guide :)!
Being a wedding photographer in Italy also mean you have to be up to date with all the beauties that your country can offer, natural, artistic and historical! Half photographer half tourist guide :)!
Chasing wedding all along the Italian peninsula has become a big “divertissement” and a unique pleasure!!


Where do we meet? Abruzzo or Aeolian Islands!

With 2 colleagues, friends, Francesco and Plinio, all together we founded Lumen Photo Studio, a little photographic “bistrò”. Lumen Photo Studio main location is in Pescara, but we have one more “meeting point”, located in…paradise. Here, in the Aeolian Islands, more precisely in the Salina Island, more precisely in Malfa town, more precisely at the resort ” il gelso vacanze” more precisely, a relaxing paradise, where time slows down and you get in touch with yourself again. If Lumen Photo Studio is our space and a second home, where we meet for commons projects, not only strictly weddings, but even sport and international events such as the international veteran cars rally, a vintage rally, or soccer matches, Il Gelso Vacanze is our little paradise where we mainly have weddings. Give me a call to find out where I am right now!

About me

Hi there, my name is Francesco, but you can call me Fra, as everybody does.
Most of the time I am in Pescara, a city by the sea in the Abruzzo region, Our photo studio is located here, but we have a second point to meet with you, in one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in Italy, the Aeolian Islands, precisely here!. I’m in the middle of Tuscany and Puglia, and 2 hours away from Rome. So, places like Val D’Orcia, Florence, Ostuni, Alberobello are easily reachable for me! I am a wedding photographer (” oh really? are you?” ), specialized on wedding reportage, a nice way to capture your smiles, your happiness, your toasts! My goal is to make you feel at ease in front of the camera, I want you to be you, so that, your pictures will really speak about you!
Last thing,I wanted to be a comedian, but I am still a photographer!

Drop me a note!

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