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Wedding in Tuscany at Palazzo Bello & Chieteno

wedding in tuscany at Palazzo Bello e Chieteno

Hello friends, this is a little preview of an intimate wedding in Tuscany at Palazzo Bello in Cetona.

I have been called to tell a lovely wedding story happened among the stillness of the Tuscan hills. We are at Palazzo Bello & Chieteno, one hour away from the well known Siena.Palazzo Bello and Chieteno are two completely restored farmhouses, situated in a splendid panoramic position, in the middle of the country-side, but only 4 km away from the nice medieval center of Cetona.

Really lovely places to rest…or to party till late night, and more ..each Villas have exclusive use of its own garden and pool. Bride and Groom, that’s the place to splash each other with your wedding dress! Our great Make up Artist, Suely, wouldn’t agree…but…waterproof make up and let’s go! Even Beatrice, manager and wedding planner in Palazzo Bello, would not agree, but, hey..who cares it is YOUR wedding!

Step back to our wedding in Cetona, Michael, our Groom from New Zealand, and Caroline, our UK bride, celebrated their Tuscany dream wedding in the middle of September, when the sun kisses you gently and the wind brushes your hair.We where there, we had the pleasure to be withness of such romantic and lovely day, and below you can see how we told that day! And leave me a comment down there or send me a message!

So, that’s the way we told Michael and Coroline’s Wedding at Palazzo Bello & Chieteno in Cetona. Did you like that?