Wedding in Salina at Boutique Hotel Principe di Salina – Aeolian Islands

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A story of a international wedding in Salina at Principe di Salina Hotel. A lovely story that takes place in the middle of the mediterranean Sea, with the typical flavour of Malvasia and scent of mulberry.
This is the Island of Salina, one of the seven sisters forming the Aeolian Islands Archipelago.

Seven islands, but today only one is of our interest. Ready to meet Philip and Rossella, looking forward to be witness of their incredible international wedding in Salina Island.

The Island of Salina is splendid volcanic rock, at north of Sicily. The archipelago owes its name to the god of wind, Aeolus. Wind and fire are the two elements that have shaped the beauty of these islands.
Salina offers a varied and magnetic panorama on every side and it is the greenest isaland in the entire archipelago, the luxuriant nature of Salina is favored by the numerous freshwater springse.

In Malfa, place of our wedding at Principe di Salina, the vegetation descends to the sea, it is made up mainly of large vineyards. In this village of typical white houses built along the entire slope, you can find the Principe di Salina Hotel with his brethtaking view where your gaze is lost on the horizon between Panarea, the Stromboli volcano and the magnetic aeolian blue sea.

Rossella and Philip flew from Bruxelles, where they live and work, to Salina Island with a group of friends from all over the world to celebrate one of the most beautiful and moving weddings the Island of Salina has ever seen!

They wisely spent their time restoring the spirit, bewitching the eyes, pleasing the palate with all the best Salina can offers in term of food, drink and incredible natural landscape.

Rumors says they are still dancing and celebrating one of the most important day of a whole life!




Here is the story of Philip and Rossella’s wedding in salina

Video: Origami videography
Wedding Location and Planning: Principe di Salina
Flowers: @falconfloreal
Make-up: @giadadefina
Music: @evamoraofficial + @mattiapirera
Boat: @salinarelaxboats