Lake Toya Engagement in Hokkaido | Japan

hokkaido engagement in lake toya

Hello friends, today I wish to bring you with me for an engagement (?) photo session in Japan. Let’s take a walk along the shores of the Toya Lake, in Hokkaido (Japan), it was the middle of December, snow everywhere, but not too cold.

And now it’s time to introduce these two nice guys, Tan Jun Wen and Lim Jia Qi from Singapore! You know, the average December temperature in Singapore is 28°C, when they landed in Sapporo, it was 4°, so they really deserved nice pictures. Months before they wrote to me “we wish only a couple of pictures, a little day storytelling, it is not a special event..” They were playing with me 🙂 You’ll see.
We met at Lake Toya, a well-known locality for hots springs, hiking, relaxing, walking hand in and hand and hots springs again. We spent the first part of the morning walking around the lake, chatting, listening and learning from each other. Hey, It was my first time with Singaporeans, I was super curious about their life, habits and customs. After a couple of hours we get back to their apartment for a change of clothes, leaving the shores of the Lake Toya to drive up the hills where we enjoyed the peace and view, it’s worth it. Almost at the end of the day, I was about to put my gears back when something special happened!

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