Wedding in foligno at Tenuta San Lorenzo Vecchio


New wedding in Foligno, let’s give a look!

and Welcome!

So,in order of appearance, let’s introduce our Bride and Groom
Vittoria and Riccardo, their wedding in foligno has been outsanding.
Tenuta san Lorenzo Vecchio, one of the best venue in Umbria, close to the medieaval town of Foligno.
The last, but not the least, the monster behind the camera, that’s me! just pressing botton on my camera acting like a Pro!

As said, we are in Umbria again, one of my favourite parts of Italy, It’s almost like Tuscany but with much less tourists and weddings are a bit more accessible.

wedding in foligno

wedding in foligno at tenuta san lorenzo vecchio
wedding in foligno at tenuta san lorenzo vecchio

We feel Umbria is one of the best places to get married in the world. You probably already decided you want to get married there, but have no idea where to start?

During my career I have photographed numerous weddings in Umbria, every time it is a surprise, but there is several things that make me love Tenuta San Lorenzo Vecchio!

Now that you’ve found your perfect wedding venue (right?), it’s time to book it. The most popular venues are booked solid up to 1 years in advance, so don’t wait too long. Go ahead and reach out to the venue and ask them for their open dates and pricing packages.

If you already have a date set, then it’s time for the next big thing on the list: decide whether you will hire a wedding planner to organise everything for your wedding, or will you do it on your own.

Finding a great wedding photographer is probably the next next big thing on your to-do list. Remember, your wedding photos are the only thing that is left for decades to come (and your wedding rings too). So choosing a great photographer who’s work you love should be your priority.


And here’s a trailer form Fiveservice team!