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      Palazzo Bello & Chieteno | Wedding in Cetona, Tuscany Michael + Caroline. Bride from UK, Groom from New Zealand, Late night party in Cetona, Tuscany. TAKE A LOOK Wedding at Castello di Semivicoli – Abruzzo Anthony + Arianna. A lovely couple flown from Massachusetts to get married in Bucchianico and celebrate at Castello di Semivicoli! Don't miss the Cake War :) . TAKE A LOOK Wedding at Castello Chiola, Loreto Aprutino Andrea + Giada. So young, so beautiful, so in love and soon so "parents" ! best whishes guy!! TAKE A LOOK Wedding at Tenuta Rossi | Silvi, Abruzzo Lorenzo + Gina. What a blue eys!! Such a funny couple enjoyng their wedding til the very last toast! TAKE A LOOK Wedding at Campoletizia Farmhouse Andrea + Diana! They are a digital couple! A #powerflower #wedding #day in CampoLetizia Farmhouse TAKE A LOOK Wedding at Torre Mannella Farmhouse in Città Sant’Angelo – Abruzzo Rik + Petra. Amsterdam meet Città Sant'Angelo. They are sportish, they love to travel, they brought hundreds friends from The Netherlands to Italy for a 3 Days Wedding Party! TAKE A LOOK Wedding at Villa Estea Gianluca + Chiara. Friends, first of all! Young and always on the move! Their wedding took place at Villa Estea, Exclusive Wedding Venue along the Trabocchi Coast TAKE A LOOK Wedding at Aragonese Castle and Campoletizia Farmhouse David + Deborah. From RedCar , a seaside resort in the North East of England to the seaside Aragonese Castle. TAKE A LOOK Wedding at Il Feuduccio Vineyard in Orsogna Giuseppe + Carmela. They are smart, movie lovers, travellers. Take a look at their Vineyard-Wedding. TAKE A LOOK Wedding in Santo Stefano di Sessanio and Rocca Calascio Alessio + Francesca. They love hiking, they love montain, they love getting lost in to the woods. TAKE A LOOK wedding in Loreto Aprutino Frabrizio + Francesca. They love countryside, they love flowers, they love vintage. Here's their wedding. TAKE A LOOK