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So..Are you planning your big wedding under the magical sky of Tromso or it is more a Stop&Go in the city for a short holiday?. Bothe the cases, Tromso will surprise you, here you can find one of the best spots in the world for a wedding or elopement.

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Hello friend, chances are you were searching for a wedding photographer in Tromso and found us here. For us, each couple is a friend and not a client.

Tromso (Norwegian pronunciation: [²trumsø]); Northern Sami: Romsa; Finnish: Tromssa; Kven: Tromssa) is a city and municipality in Troms county, Norway. The administrative centre of the municipality is the city of Tromsø. Outside Norway, Tromso and Tromsö are alternative spellings of the city. Tromsø town has a population of 64,376 as of 1 January 2016. The most populous town north of it is Alta, Norway, with a population of 14,272 (2013). Located 400km north of the Arctic Circle at 69˚N, the small town of Tromsø bills itself as Norway’s gateway to the Arctic, and there’s definitely more than a hint of polar atmosphere around town. Surrounded by chilly fjords and craggy peaks that remain snowcapped for much of the year, Tromsø sits on the eastern edge of Tromsøya, and is linked to the mainland by a gracefully arched bridge. Most people would say for the Northern Lights. Nasa says the conditions needed to induce the phenomenon have reached a peak this winter and they’re a relatively common sight in Tromsø. But this town within the Arctic Circle offers so much more. Blanketed in tufts of soft snow and garlanded with fairy lights, the centre is at its most festive right now. There are more intrepid diversions, such as whale safaris and husky sledging, in the unblemished surrounding regions. And with the sun barely lifting above the horizon at this time of year, daytime is illuminated by a milky twilight, another quirk in this unconventional city break destination. Hunt for the northern lights, experience a husky sled ride or simply enjoy the museums in the cultural heart of Arctic Norway.

Our passion is to create beautiful wedding photos & films that stand out. Not just something style over substance but something visually beautiful and artistic at the same time with deeper meaning and true emotion, capturing the essence of you & the story of your life. Wedding Photography is about you. Your story is important. Your love is worth talking about. It deserves to be treated individually so we can tailor our time, our hearts and souls to suit your every need.

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Just engaged? Are you searching for Tromso wedding photographer? We believe you have come to the right place. We would be absolutely honoured to celebrate it through our wedding photography. Yes, we definitely document wedding or elopement celebrations in Tromso. Me and Katja focus on Tromso weddings and elopements. Our passion is to make memories for you and next generations to come.

For us every wedding is an adventure. Our wedding photography style is spontaneous, creative and documentary but at the same time romantic and timeless storytelling. We love to take images of couples in front of breathtaking backdrops as much as capture those little intimate moments that happen in between.

I am specialized in wedding and elopement reportage and as a wedding photographer I strongly believe that this little spot in Tromso can be a perfect frame of your dearest memories. Take a moemnt and give a look at the wedding stories and if you like what you see, go, drop me a note, let’s see how can I help you with your new little big day in Tromso!
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