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Francesco Febbo Salina Wedding Photographer

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Francesco Febbo - Salina Wedding Photographer

I feel very lucky to be a Wedding Photographer in Salina, Aeolian Islands, because every time I work with a nice couple who would like to live their desired dream in Salina, one of the Islands of Aeolian Islands Archipelago, I feel so inspired by the powerful nature and landscape surrounding this small jewel in the Sicily northern sea. Our goal as Salina Wedding Photographer is to create romantic and unforgivable stories of your big day.

If Photography is a form of Art, Wedding Photography is an expression, a discovery, of your inner feelings. What I aim to achieve is to capture each little moment that loudly speack about you, about the persons you are. Every tear, smile and emotion is an ingredient to create the perfect blend of pictures of your wedding day. Among the most hidden Italian treasures the Salina Island, but also all the Aeolian Islands, attract numerous couples worldwide willing to spend their perfect wedding day in this unique atmosphere.

The island of Salina has plenty of options for each couple. The traditional vibe of the islands is perfectly blended together with its gorgeous natural beauty.
My Salina wedding photographer service has the purpose to capture the inner and true essence of you and you love.

As Wedding Photographer in Salina, I have the pleasure to follow you, whether you will decide to go on a boat trip or spend your special wedding day walking and enjoying the natural sceneries of the islands. I will be there for you at any moment, to make sure I capture every special feeling of this truly unique wedding day.

Get in touch with me at any time if you would like to celebrate your engagement, elopement, wedding proposal or wedding day at Salina Island. I will be happy to share more information about my Salina Wedding Photography service and to hear more from you about your wishes for the special day. Take five minutes to give a look at my wedding gallery and if my style and my pictures meet your mood and expectations let’s talk.! Together we can create a romantic story of your love.


Francesco Febbo Salina Wedding Photographer