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Hello friends, most likely you were searching for a wedding photographer in San Pedro de Atacama I am.

San Pedro de Atacama is a Chilean town in El Loa Province, a top-rated destination among tourists and for your special adventurous wedding or elopement. San Pedro and the surround area is a mix of dirt roads and adobe homesVisitors come in large numbers, to use the town as a stepping stone to the amazing landscapes around it. Whether you are an adventurous couple or not, San Pedro de Atacama is a place that cab satisfy your tastes.. The main roads between towns are all in good paved condition. Some expeditions around San Pedro de Atacama have poor quality roads, and you will at the very least want a car with high clearance if you want to drive south of Socaire (e.g. to Laguna Miscanti). The road to the Argentine border at Paseo Jama is paved and modern, as is the road to the Valley of the Moon. Chile is well-known as a hitchhikers paradise. Getting to Calama from any other point in the country is simple enough, but reaching San Pedro is a bit trickier. The best chances are to be had at the Topater monolith ("Monolito de Topater").
And I am not mentioning the Atacama desert

Hi there, my name is Francesco, but you can call me Fra, as everybody does. I am a professional wedding and elopement photographer, specialized in creative reportage photography and portraits all over Japan and Italy and Chile! I have been photographing weddings around Italy and abroad for many years and each time is a pleasure because people, YOU, are always such a big inspiration to me!. Mainly I work around Italy and recently in Japan. I am based in southern Chile, but obviously, I am ready to follow your wedding story in all around the southern Amercia!
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