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Francesco Febbo - Lampedusa Wedding Photographer

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Lampedusa is an essential, hard and timeless Island. Lamapedusa is a place of peace, relaxation and tranquility.! Lampedusa is the island you never want to leave!

I feel very lucky every time I step foot in that island as wedding photographer in Lampedusa and Linosa because we are talking about one of the most charming and quiet little island in southern italy.

Lampedusa is the southernmost point of the Republic of Italy, geologically it belongs to Africa . It is a semi-arid island, dominated by Mediterranean maquis.

Lampedusa coast is 26km long with a wide variety of natural landscapes, twelve different kinds of beaches, white sandy beaches and rocky shores. The northern coast is dominated by sloping cliffs overlooking the crystal clear blu water surroundig the island.  You won’t miss l’ Isola dei Conigli, the little Island of Rabbits, Cala GaleraCala FranceseCala GrecaCala Creta. Cala Creta takes your breath away!!

If you are a snorkeling lover you will be astonished by underwater biodiversity that the mediterranean sea offers. Take your breath, bring your underwater camera!

In the southwest part of Lampedusa, in front of the Rabbit Beach, you will find the tiny little Rabbit Island, reachable reachable on foot with low tide. The sea between the rabbit beach and the Rabbit island must have been stolen from the caribbean seas, because of its spectacular color tones, from green to blue. Maybe we should thank some Caribbean Pirate. The Island of Rabbit is a protected area where the Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs. There is no rabbit :). Again, bring your camera with you!

I am grateful to the couple who chose me as wedding photograper in Lampedusa to tell their lovely day because I love this small piece of land on the edge of two so different world as Italy and Africa. This is why I am always tready to get back in Lampedusa, as tourist, as wedding photographer! I love to be a castaway on this island.

If you would like to discover more about my Lampedusa wedding photographer service and receive more details, please get in touch with me directly and give a look at my wedding portfolio. If my style suits your “wedding mood”, well, I am here for you!  I will be honored to provide for your wedding photography service.

Meet your wedding photgrapher

Hi there, my name is Francesco, but you can call me Fra, as everybody does. I am a professional wedding photographer, specialized in creative reportage photography and portrait enthusiast! I have been photographing weddings around Italy sine 5/6 years and each time is a pleasure because people, YOU, are always such a big inspiration to me!
Being a wedding photographer means a lot to me! Visiting new places, meeting new people, different culture, feeling and observing different emotions, being a witness of your new awesome stories. that's why wedding photographer is one of the best job in the world.
I hope you enjoy exploring my website and Thanks for visiting!