I will “tell” the whole wedding day. Starting with the shooting during the preparation of the bride/groom, ceremony, the wedding reception, the first dance, cake, dance..etcetc.
Mainly I work with natural light, only when it gets dark I am forced to use flashes.

My style is based on the photojournalistic approach, in my opinion, this is the best choice to tell your B-DAY in a natural and spontaneous way. The key is anticipating the moment instead of reacting to it by paying attention to all that happens around you.
Obvious if you don’t feel comfortable with this kind of approach, we can give you little “hints”


Unless you ask differently, each wedding is served by two photographers.

I am based in Pescara, and most of my weddings are located in the central and southern Italy, I had wedding in Tuscany and Apulia. During years, with colleagues, we moved from the southernmost tip of Salento, Santa Maria di Leuca to the northern places, like Bolzano city.

In case we live far away,abroad, are you willing to travel to reach us? Is there an extra charge to consider?
I am ready to reach you wherever you are!
An extra charge will be added for one or two overnight stay and travel expenses. We will evaluate together each detail. Overnight stay the day before is essential to be fresh and ready for your most important day. Overnight the day at the ending of your wedding is essential to get home safe along with your pictures :). After all you paid for that!!

humm…tell me..where are you going to get wedd?

I will give you at least 300 high resolution and post produced pictures. You will also receive all the pictures of the day in low resolution, so that, if you want me to post produce any particular picture, just ask 🙂

How long will I wait for the pictures? And how long for the Wedding Album?
We deliver all the pictures within 90 days. For the wedding album, it depends on how fast you are to select your favourite pictures :).

Even if wedding reportage is based on actual facts, we are not such radical photographers! Our final goal is your satisfaction, so we always try to make you happy with your requests. It is not always possible to retouch a photo, but in most of the cases, we have no problems with wrinkles, eyes bags and other things like that. There are some limitations in the number of pictures to be retouched and how “drastically” you want to manipulate a picture. We can not put your aunt by your side if she didn’t come to your wedding :D.

I work with the top of the line of cameras and lenses. Right now I work with Nikon. Gear I use allow me to reach the maximum quality even in very low light condition.

At Lumen Photo Studio we are basically photographer, we don’t have a video department, but we can suggest you many video service around here.

It’s very difficult to establish a price in advance because every wedding is different and, customer’s needs are different. Please contact us and we will talk in detail about the economic aspect.

Sure you can. Inside our wooden-usb-pen you always will find Hi-res files!

I accept bank transfer, check & cash. The whole amount is divided into three parts. A first deposit when you sign the contract, a second deposit a week before the wedding and the third, last one, deposit when I give you back all the pictures

Unless you ask differently, my service includes capturing your day from the first hair/makeup through the last major event of the reception. Sure I can not stay till the sun rise 🙂 !! or maybe yes… midnight sun!

You can contact me and make an appointment to meet me at Lumen Photo Studio, or we can get in touch by mail, or skype, as you prefer. If you like my pictures and considering me as your wedding photographer, you will sign a contract that confirms your choices. At the same time, you have to deposit the first part of the whole amount.

Italians talk with GESTURES, everybody knows that!!!

Joking aside, I speak English, even if I am not so fluent, I haven’t ever had any problem with all my newlyweds from abroad. Give me a call, even a skype call !, and test me!

See you!!

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