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Essaouira Wedding Photographer

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This is Francesco, I am an italian wedding photographer, specialized in wedding reportage. You are here looking for your best Wedding Photographer in Essaouira, let' see if we are a good match!
But first, let me do my personal congrats for your choice. Getting married in Essaouira is a little big privilege. Do you know how it also called Essaouira, The "Bride of the Atlantic", for its notched walls, the whisper of trade winds and the white and blue facades that recall the facing ocean foam and waves.

assisi wedding photographer, this is a wedding party in late night

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I am specialized in wedding reportage and as a wedding photographer in Essaouira  I strongly believe that this little spot in Maroccocan be a perfect frame of your wedding. Give a look at my wedding stories and if you what you see, go, drop me a note, let’s see how can I help you with your new little big day in Essaouira

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