Wedding and Elopement Photographer in Patagonia

Hello traveller, thank you for stopping by. My name is Francesco, I am an Italian wedding photographer in Patagonia. I love telling stories of fearless people wandering up and down one of the last adventurous places in the world. Patagonia is an endless "piece" of land shared between Argentina and Chile. It is pretty difficult to find a sport for your elopement, or wedding, in a territory longer more than 2500 kilometres where rivers, forests, lakes, lagoons, horses, mountains, glaciers and steppe meet each other.
So Congratulation, you choose to get married in one of the most beautiful places on the Earth! It's Epic! now it's time to choose your wedding photographer in Patagonia!


Patagonia Wedding and Elopement Photographer


Just imagine you guys exchanging vows surrounded by a strong nature, with the high mountains of the Torres del Paine, in the background, as eternal witnesses. Patagonia has some of the best spots in the world for a wedding. Lakes District, the Carretera Austral, Tierra del Fuego, and the Chilean Fjords are just some of the best areas where you can decide to plan your wedding or elopement.


I consider myself lucky because I can work as a wedding photographer in two different worlds, I am "split" between Italy and southern Patagonia. If the beginning Patagonia was just a usual holiday destination, now it is a second home from October to March. Bat WHY you should plan your wedding or elopement in Patagonia? You are Wild? Do you dare adventurous time? you are not afraid of dancing in the rain, hand in hand with your soul mate?



wedding photography tells about emotions, about lifelong smiles, about the little in-between moments when you are together that means a lot in the couple life, about empathy. As Wedding Photographer I aim to make you feel ease during your wedding shooting, to let you be you. Because the moment when you get free from your doubts and shyness and you fully trust me, that's the moment the magic begins.


Because tradition and custom build our lives. Because tradition gives people a sense of belonging and unity, makes people feel part of the same loved human family. Because each step of your life went through rituals, ceremonies, and cultural traditions that made you the person you are.


Because you see your future life in a totally different way, because you love experimenting, because trying new experience is your way of life and you don't want to miss one.


Let's have a chat! Because the more details you will share with me, the more we get to know each other better, the more we will be on the same page!



Hello friends, thank you for stopping buy!
I am Francesco, a wedding photographer mainly working in Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo, but available all trough Italy.I love to capture you in a natural and spontaneous way, In love to capture your emotions as they really are. This is why I would like to know as much as You can tell me about YOU!. More things you know about me, better will be your choice. More I know about you, better will be our chemistry to create a dreamy wedding story. Tell me about the Bride and Groom wedding dresses, what colour did you chose, which wedding venue will be the frame of your big day, how long did you take to plan your Italian wedding, just don't hesitate, talk to me. Tell me your story.
If you think I am the right photographer for you, let's start the game. Please, get to know my style, my working method, give a look at my wedding portfolio, Get in touch with me to discover more about my wedding photographer service in and receive more details, I am here for you! And if you live far away and need help with the wedding planning I can suggest you some of the best Wedding Planners.
I will be honoured to provide for your wedding photography service in Italy


My wedding photography tells about emotions, about lifelong smiles, about knowing looks, about curiosity, about empathy. As Wedding Photographer I aim to make you feel ease during your wedding shooting, to let you be you. I aspire to capture the little things about you, the little in-between moments when you are together that mean a lot in the couple life. The way your hair dances in the wind, The glow in your eyes when you look at each other, the way he holds you tight, the way she loses in your hug, the way you laugh together.
My photography style is on the edge between reportage and portrait. I am not the kind who like poses, but more a storyteller and a stolen portraits lover, wedding reportage is what I do. Get in touch with me and we'll start an adventure together. If you believe I am the right photographer for you, if my style can be the one you are looking for, so, let me tell your wedding story in the most sincere and touching way possible.


I am a wedding photographer based in Pescara, in Abruzzo, central Italy, but, as destination wedding photographer, I’m available wherever you like. I am often in Umbria, Tuscany and around the Aeolian Islands. Wedding and elopement Photography gave me the chance to travel up and down through Italy, from the northern city of Bozen, near the Austrian border to the incredible town of Santa Maria di Leuca, de Finibus Terrae, the tip of the heel of the Italian boot, in Apulia, but even to Japan in Sapporo e Kobe. In this journey, north-south-north, I can not avoid mentioning the wonderful world famous hills of Tuscany, Val D’Orcia, Chianti, Cortona, the White Town, Ostuni in Apulia / Puglia , Alberobello and, of sure, the Aeolian Islands, where, thanks to the kindness and friendship with the Gelso Vacanze resort, I have a space to receive and talk with couples in Malfa – Salina Island! I could keep listing other incredible places, you know, Italy is the country with the biggest number of properties in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST, so..definitely, Italy is a nice place to get married! Dreaming places for a dreaming wedding.