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Hi there and welcome, so, most likely you are looking for a wedding photographer in Nara, and, this may surprise you, I am. This is a little welcome page, you can keep reading or go straight to the home page for a full journey throughout all of my pictures and style I am an Italian wedding photographer spending lot of time here in Japan and I love to work & walk all over the “Sol Levante”, as we love to say in italian. 

Nara may surprise you with its blend of tradition and the new, and of abundant nature and food culture. Working as a wedding photographer in Nara and in prefectures is a big opportunity for a storyteller because of the incredible mix of human beings, culture, places, architecture and nature that are such different from the Italian mood, but even more charming. At the end of the way, wedding photography is a big fairy tale, that speaks about you, about the way you are, 

Hi there, my name is Francesco, but you can call me Fra, as everybody does. I am a professional wedding photographer specialized in creative reportage photography and portraits all over Japan and Italy! I have been photographing weddings around Italy and abroad for many years and each time is a pleasure because people, YOU, are always such a big inspiration to me!.
Mainly I work around Abruzzo, Umbria, Tuscany, Venice and recently in Japan. I am based in Kobe, but obviously, we are ready to follow your wedding story in Nara prefecture or wherever your story takes place!
Take your time and give a look at the wedding gallery and let’s talk!

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