The Couple session is a photo shoot for the couple, a visual diary in a every day life or in special moment.
It is a day to dedicate to your sweetheart, it is a way to make tangibile your memories.

It is a gift for you if you feel excited and happy to document your love.
It is for you if you are nervous about being in front of the camera.
It is for you if you feel romantic and in love during the shooting.
it is for you if a camera makes you playful and silly and want to unleash all the inner emotions.

A couple photo shoot can evoke a variety of feelings, depending on the couple and the circumstances of the shoot, the matter is just to be completely yourself.

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what we are going to do
The couple photo shoot usually takes place outdoors, but it can take place even in your place
We can choose together the most suitable season for the location you have in mind: it can be where did you meet the first time, natural locations like a wood and a park, or your sanctuary, your favourite place or where you want to get married. Every season has its own light and every landscape changes according to this.
With the engagement photo shoot your story is told through images: for this reason, as for all my other services, it is fundamental the consulting aspect that I offer. Every project is custom-made, through a moodboard, suggestions for the dresses and the choice of the location.