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Let’s go clear! I am a wedding photographer, but not a wedding photographer in Copenhagen (damn, I really would love to), mainly I work in Italy. This is a SEO page test.
I am also a SEO Specialist, the one you should call if you want to be found with google, if you are a “wedding photographer in Copenaghen” maybe you are reading the right page!

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SO, HELLO, I am YOU, a wedding photographer in Copenhagen, may be the right one to best capture your special wedding day and all the precious moments that make your wedding an unforgettable magic dream.
Being a wedding photographer is not just a matter of a couple of clicks.


Dear brides and grooms in Copenhagen, the following lines are for you.

My wedding photography tells about emotions, about lifelong smiles, about knowing looks, about curiosity, about empathy, even about Hygge moments. As Wedding Photographer in Copenhagen I aim to make you feel ease during your wedding shooting, to let you be you. I aspire to capture the little things about you, the little in-between moments when you are together that mean a lot in the couple life. The way your hair dances in the wind, The glow in your eyes when you look at each other, the way he holds you tight, the way she loses in your hug, the way you laugh together.
All above and much more is what I always look for in my newlyweds.

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Wedding Photography Service in Copenhagen

I am not saying I am the best wedding photographer in Denmark, but maybe the best that fit at your need and expectations.
My photography style is on the edge between reportage and portrait. I am not the kind who like poses, but more a storyteller and a stolen portraits lover, wedding reportage is what I do. Get in touch with me and we’ll start an adventure together. If you believe I am the right photographer for you, if my style can be the one you are looking for, so, let me tell your wedding story in the most sincere and touching way possible.

And I am not saying a word about the incredible surrounding natural landscape around Ottawa and all over the majestic Ontario!!

Wedding Photography in Denmark for Deeply in Love Couples!


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