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      Villa Estea, exclusive wedding venue in Abruzzo Villa Estea, exclusive wedding venue in Abruzzo Abruzzo offers his beauty on a relatively samll area, compared to other Italian regions, but with a great richness of different landscapes, from the montain to the coastline. In less than 2 or 3 hours... READ MORE abruzzo wedding photographer Pescara FrancescaAlessio 27 ago ore14.10.20 ff0025 1024x548 - CNN 10 reasons to visit Abruzzo - and maybe get married here! CNN 10 reasons to visit Abruzzo – and maybe get married here! CNN writer, Maria Pasquale, gathers 10 reasons you should visit Italy's next hot destination."Central Italy's Abruzzo has always attracted visitors thanks to its enviable snow season, but up until recently, the majority were European. Now the region, a world away from modern Italy (thank God I say), could be on the verge of an international tourism boom. READ MORE mediterranean sea Mediterranean Sea – the Sea between the lands The name Mediterranean is from the Latin words meaning the sea between the lands i.e. medius means middle, and terra means land. The history of the Mediterranean Sea is the history of communications between the people and cultures from the lands surrounding it READ MORE Tuscany Wedding Destination Tuscany is a well-known wedding destination, both for Italians and foreigners and it is full of incredible and romantic location. Here we talk about Val D'Orcia, a region of Tuscany, in central Italy.  The magnificent natural scenery of the Val d'Orcia was inserted onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004. READ MORE Eolie Wedding Photographer As aeolian wedding photographer I am always looking around for beautiful spot for wedding session. I love losting myself following news and less well-known path, waiting for the best romantic frame fo... READ MORE costiera amalfitana Amalfi Coast Wedding Destination Facing the Tyrhennian Sea, the Amalfi Coast is one of 53 Italian sites inserted on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Amalfi Coast seems to be one grand balcony suspended between a sea of cobalt blue and the feet of the Lattari Mountains, in a long stretch of hollows and promontories, coves, cultivated terraces, vineyards, and citrus and olive groves. Set in a unique environment, it is an exemplar of a Mediterranean landscape and of READ MORE Malfa – Salina – Aeolian Islands trending destination for 2018 Malfa - Eolie - trending destination for 2018 Talking about Southern Italy is never enough. Especially talking about a place where I left a piece of earth. Malfa is a little municipality on the Islan... READ MORE