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Francesco Febbo - Abruzzo Wedding Photographer

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take me home, country roads!! Working as an Abruzzo Wedding Photographer is like a mission for me. I have born here and showing all our best spots to tourists or newlyweds from abroad is an incredible pleasure to me!
With incoming travel numbers on the rise in the country, visitors are increasingly searching for lesser known and undiscovered regional destinations — and Abruzzo has it all. Last but not the least, your palate will thank you, according to HuffingtonPost!
My goal as Abruzzo Wedding Photographer is to create and capture all the details of your biggest love story so that you can keep it with you for the rest of your lives. Some of the most magical and romantic moments in each couple’s story is the celebration of their engagement, wedding proposal, elopement and wedding. Those are among the most precious moments in our entire lives. We will make everything in our power to capture the true essence of your tears and smile and transform it into a piece of art. My Abruzzo wedding photographer service will make you live your wedding day in the most relaxing way possible, always keeping an eye to all your needs, with the only purpose to create the best and romantic story of your life! Let’s do that together! Always more couples around the world choose Abruzzo as their wedding destination because this land has everything to surprise you! Rich authentic traditions, historical monuments and gorgeous sceneries his including lakes, the Adriatic coastline, Trabocchi Coastline, national parks, imposing mountain ranges, UNESCO heritage sites, some of the most beautiful medieval towns in the country, and an eclectic and diverse cuisine that changes from the beach to the mountains. My Abruzzo wedding photographer services will involve you to feel the slow way of life of this region, you will fall in love visiting the Civitella del Tronto Fortress, ancient medieval town of Santo Stefano di Sessanio,  or the town of Scanno,an hill town in a very scenic location, immortalized by the world famous photographer Henri Cartier Bresson.
Whenever you will decide to go, we will create a beautiful story of your authentic and romantic adventures. My biggest passion as abruzzo wedding photographer is to immortalize your emotions step by step as the celebration of your special day goes on.

If you would like to learn more about Abruzzo and all the connected Abruzzo wedding photographer services, just get in touch with me. I will provide you with all the requested informations and tips to make your big day so special! If you like my wedding gallery, if you like my style, let’s get in touch and start planning your wonderful wedding day together

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Hi there, my name is Francesco, but you can call me Fra, as everybody does. I am a professional wedding photographer, specialized in creative reportage photography and portraits! I have been photographing weddings around Italy sine 5/6 years and each time is a pleasure because people, YOU, are always such a big inspiration to me!.
Mainly I work around Abruzzo, Umbria, and Sicily, Malfa town - Aeolian Island. I confess.. I am in love with all the Italian southern Islands, from Ischia, in front of the Amalfi Coast to Lampedusa, the southernmost Italian point in the middle of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Obviously, I am ready and backpacked to follow your wedding story wherever it takes place, even to New Zealand :)

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